Recovering from a Mexicoma

cabo rocks poolside

We are back from Los Cabos, Mexico. This year we stayed at

Our suite was on the Ridge, which has a view of the ocean if you look in one direction, and a view of Cabo San Lucas marina if you look in the other direction. The service at the Ridge restaurant was great. (Thanks, Teofilo, Miguel, Raciel, Ines, Juan, Luis, Fernando, Fabion, Ismael).


dinner on the beach

We went horseback riding on a beach at sunset with Rancho Carisuva

Tequila Riding It was amazing! My butt’s a little sore, but we were able to see whales breaching out on the ocean as we rode along the private sandy beaches of the ranch.

My horse was named Paseo. Sean’s was Tequila. The guides got a good laugh when they tried to make the stirrups long enough for Sean’s legs.

They also have pot bellied pigs and goats at the ranch. The people who had rented Quads also looked like they were having fun. A terrified kind of fun, but fun none the less.

pelican mourning

One sad thing that happened was that a pelican died and was floating in the ocean in front of our resort. Her mate was distraught. He flew back and forth from the beach to where she was floating, hoping she would wake up. He circled around for a day and in his disoriented state he would land in the infinity pool and startle himself when he realized he was surrounded by people.  After her body was taken away with the current, he stood on the beach for three days staring at the surf.

sunscreenA point of interest: this SPF 60 kids’ sunscreen (that I have to wear as a result of my Scottish heritage) stripped my manicure off better than any nail polish remover I’ve ever used. Hmmm…

As I took my medication for a dysfunctional thyroid, I pondered whether it was worse to get a sunburn or lather myself in chemicals. I decided to sit under the umbrella.

We happened to be there the weekend of the Los Cabos Ironman competition, so it took us about two hours to get to the airport. On the bright side, we got a great view of the bike race. I’m very happy to announce that they built a brand new terminal at the Los Cabos International Airport – comfy lounge chairs, AC, Wifi, big bathrooms with foot pedal flushers, and no more panty prodding luggage searches.

Now, we are waiting for it to get sunny and warm here!


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