Retirement of the Old Green Dell

I retired my old green Dell laptop today. In her almost ten years of life she has written twelve full-length novels, hundreds of newspaper articles, and every blog post I’ve ever done, except this one. She not only launched my career as a writer, but landed me three book publishing deals, a spot on iBooks bestseller list, and a journalism award.

She initially had her issues, mostly as a result of her Vista roots, but those resolved over time with updates and customization. The paint on the keys is worn and her battery reached the end of its life about six months ago, but that’s not what did her in. Ironically, an update of the security software wiped out her operating system. She still operates on factory settings, but like a good race horse with a decorated career, she’s past her prime and has earned some R&R out in the pasture.

Anyone who is not a writer probably doesn’t understand my sentimentality towards a computer, but she and I were completely compatible. I once heard Alicia Keys describe her piano as a constant friend who was always there for her and accepted her unconditionally. Sure, Old Green Dell could be a bitch sometimes with her Vista blue screen info dumps at the most inopportune times, but she worked hard as my unwavering friend for almost a decade.

My new Dell with touchscreen is winning me over and unlike every other person on the planet I actually love the 8.1 operating system, but my old green Dell will always hold a special place in my heart. Happy trails Old Green Dell.


One thought on “Retirement of the Old Green Dell

  1. Danielle, I am not as big of a writer as you but I can understand how you feel. We spend a lot of time with our computers, and we have relationships with them whether we like it or not! Best of luck with your new Dell, and many happy journeys with it.


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